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7 Healthy Lifestyle Changes for Men

7 Healthy Lifestyle Changes for Men

With a commitment to work and family life, it is easy for men to get carried away, causing them to relegate their health to the backseat. As a man, making time for your health is vital to your all-around success. Taking simple steps like getting checked for prostate cancer for early detection and quitting smoking now to prevent severe effects in 5 to 10 years’ time can save your life. Seeing a doctor regularly is also vital for men’s health. If you are not doing all these already, now is the right time to start.

We have prepared 7 lifestyle changes that can help you secure a healthy life.

Check your prostate health

Prostate cancer is common amongst men. It is important that you get your prostate examined when you notice symptoms. Symptoms you should look out for include pain while urinating, difficulty with urinating, or blood in your urine. Here, a blood test or prostate exam can tell you more about your condition. Book an appointment with a doctor on Doctall for a proper diagnosis if you notice symptoms.  

Control alcohol intake

Alcohol is often used to quench thirst, clear your head or bond over on a boys night out. However, taking alcohol irresponsibly will do you no good. It can increase your blood pressure and decrease your blood sugar. This makes you susceptible to hypertension and hypoglycemia. Excessive alcohol intake can also increase those pounds that you are trying to cut off. For instance, 12 ounces of beer has 145 calories and 5oz of vodka has 96 calories. A glass or two of wine is great for a day. 

Sleep more

On many days, you might want to stay up to watch a movie or finish up with that task, but sometimes you have to think about your health. Adequate sleep is essential because it affects your daily output. The recommended sleep time is 6-8 hours every night. This helps to recover and repair your body component. Studies show that sleeping well at night can also reduce your appetite and prevent you from overeating. 

Quit smoking

One thing about smoking is that your body takes in harmful chemicals. These chemicals can cause lung cancer and other ailments such as heart disease. When should you quit smoking? Now. How can you do so successfully? If you have difficulty with quitting, speak with a doctor on Doctall. It is better to quit smoking now rather than facing long-term consequences in the future.

Exercise regularly

Your body maintains its healthy state when you engage in physical activities. Exercising does a lot for the body. It is your best bet at losing weight and building your muscle strength. Exercising regularly can help relieve stress and improve your heart health. How do you get started? Take out 20 to 30 minutes daily for 5 days a week to exercise. Start simple by jogging or walking in the morning. You can then proceed to getting a gym membership and trying out other exercises like cycling, lunges, planks, and more.

Safe sex

Another men’s health tip is practicing safe sex. This is especially important if you have multiple sexual partners. Safe sex is often overlooked, but it is better to do so to prevent STIs and STDs. To prevent infections and diseases such as HIV and Aids, gonorrhea, and chlamydia, practice safe sex by using condoms. 

Stay in regular contact with your doctor

Due to busy schedules and the regular inconvenience of visiting a doctor, it is common for most men to ignore hospital visits. With Doctall, you can now speak with a doctor on your smartphone from your home, office, school, church, and anywhere possible. Regular meetings and checkups can help control your blood pressure, cholesterol level and your weight. Staying on top of these numbers can reduce your chances of heart disease. Speaking with a doctor regularly can also help you identify symptoms and get early diagnosis.

Men, your health is as important as making money from your 9-5 or being there for your family. Employ these lifestyle changes and speak with a doctor regularly to stay on top of your health.

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