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Five Natural Ways To Treat UTIs At Home

Five Natural Ways To Treat UTIs At Home

Both men and women can get urinary tract infections, which are brought on by bacteria that enter the urinary tract, typically from the bowel.

If you’ve ever had one, you will be able to identify the symptoms right away. Cramping, frequent trips to the bathroom, strong-smelling pee that may appear cloudy or dark, and the sensation that your bladder isn’t quite emptying are all common UTI symptoms.

These five natural ways to treat UTIs at home.

1. Consume lots of fluids.

A higher incidence of UTIs is associated with dehydration. This is because frequent urination can aid in clearing bacteria from the urinary tract to ward off infection.

Because you don’t frequently urinate when dehydrated, bacteria might grow more.

A 2019 research explains that nursing home residents offered a drinking schedule to participants to enhance their hydration intake. Following the plan resulted in a 56% reduction in UTIs that required antibiotics.

2. Boost your vitamin C consumption.

According to some research, boosting vitamin C consumption may help prevent UTIs. According to theory, vitamin C makes urine more acidic, killing the infection-causing bacteria.

An earlier 2007 study on UTIs in expectant mothers examined the results of a daily vitamin C intake of 100 milligrams.

3. Consider taking probiotics.

Probiotics are good bacteria that are taken orally or as dietary supplements. They might help keep the microorganisms in your gut in a balanced state.

Probiotic foods include yoghurt with live cultures, kefir, kimchi, kombucha, and other fermented foods. Probiotics are also available as supplements

4. Try Consuming Some Cranberry Juice

Although the science behind it is a little researched, cranberries have been used for centuries to prevent UTIs. According to some studies, Cranberries make it more difficult for the bacteria that cause UTI to stick the walls of the urinary tract.

Therefore, while not exactly a cure, it might be worthwhile to drink a few glasses of unsweetened cranberry juice or nibble on the fruit itself (whole or dry) if you frequently have UTIs.

5. Avoid Holding It In

We all have busy days, but putting off using the restroom allows any germs that may already be present in your bladder to grow and reproduce, possibly leading to infection (or keeping one that you already have alive and well).

Drink a lot of water, and use the restroom when necessary. Another helpful prevention tip is to urinate immediately following sexual activity to flush out any dangerous bacteria and stop the infection from spreading.

It is important to note that there is limit to the efficacy of home remedies. In more serious infections on your urinary tract, ensure to see a doctor.

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